No man is an island and in addition to the support of our customers, friends & family here are some important organizations and collaborators that contribute to our success!






From the Garden Walk to their 12 Weeks of Christmas Raffle the Beverly Area Planning Association continues to invent new ways for our community to thrive within the parameters of necessary safety protocols. Thier creativity and organization are a force for good and we are so grateful for their daily support. To find out how you can become a member and receive incredible benefits as individuals and families, as well as local businesses, please visit

From their website:

"The Beverly Area Planning Association (BAPA) is a not-for-profit, community-based alliance of more than a dozen civic and business groups dedicated to serving the historic Beverly Hills/Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago."





The Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association has been an invaluable resource for us. From programs like "The Buck Stays Here" (a neighborhood gift card), to helping apply for and secure grants, establishing bicycle zones, partnering with the Beverly Art Alliance, establishing shopping zones, social media support, and so much more. To everyone there who dedicates so much of their time and effort to our continued success, we say thank you. To learn more about the ongoing efforts and opportuunities of MPBHBA please visit

From their website:

"The Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association (MPBHBA) represents the interests of more than 400 Beverly/Morgan Park businesses. We are a nonprofit organization that advocates for, promotes, connects, and educates member businesses."





Established through MPBHBA Shop99 represents the shopping in and around the 99th St. station. To keep up to date on one of the city's top notch shopping areas follow them on social media!!




During the growing season the Edna White Gardens provide fresh vegetables to the Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry, in addition to other invaluable programs that connect our community to the possibilities of the earth and soil around us. Here at Oak & Bloom you will see blooms from the garden in our bouquets, handcrafted cards with , and beautiful wreaths of Sweet Annie all for sale with 100% of the profits going directly back to the garden. You can visit the gardens year-round at 1850 W. Monterey Ave.


To get involved in volunteering to grow vegetables for the Maple Morgan Park Food Pantry, contact Kathy Figel,, and join the Edna White Gardens group on Facebook.  




The Alt Walk and ongoing Pandemograms have ensured that BH and the surrounding communities have access to the many talented artists in our midst despite an ongoing pandemic. Thank you for your commitment to the efforts and ideals that raise our cultural bar. Please visit for information on additional programs and how you can be part of their outreach.




We were fortunate to have been selected by the Arts Alliance to showcase the work of artist Elaine Miller during the Alt Walk. That in turn led to a collaboration in support of the voter turn-out effort with her original artwork lining our street and being raffled off through our shop. Thank you, Elaine, for your art work and for your community advocacy. This is a better place because you are in it.

To view Elaine Miller’s incredible body of work please visit: