Erin's Summer GardenTips

Summer is here and our plants need love!

Here are a couple Pro tips to keep your gardens and planters looking fabulous all summer long.

Water water water! We have already had insanely hot temps which means our darlings that survived the crazy hotness of May and June need our full support to get through July to September.

  •  If you are lucky enough to have a sprinkler system set it for the morning. It gives your plants/yard a chance to have that much needed drink before the sun hits.
  •  No sprinkler system? No problem! If you can get out there in the morning for watering, great! If you are rushed in the morning like the rest of the world do your best to give your plants and lawn a good drink when you get home in the afternoon. I always found hand watering my lawn and garden a calming, mindless activity.

Do not forget to deadhead your bloomers. Each flower looks so gorgeous bright and open but they do expire. Pulling those sad blooms off only allows for others to open. If you need guidance on how to do it do not hesitate to call the shop or watch our instructional video in our stories.

Cutting gardens, this is a wonderful thing for our pollinators and environment. I can help you find the spot in your yard and we can build your own cutting garden.

  • How to build it, soil and compost to buy, etc...
  • Which seeds to buy and how to care for them.
  • How to care for and trim your cutting garden, to in turn decorate your home.

I have loved building my cutting gardens over the past couple years. Not only enjoying the blooms but I love knowing each plant is grown for our use.
Bonus: all the bees I’ve seen asleep in my zinnias.

Watch for photos of those sweet moments in our Social Media stories.