Angelina's Favorite Chicago Vintage Shops

Ok, for the sake of keeping this manageable I am limiting to this list to City of Chicago but tomorrow I'll expand on that in our Reels!

#1 South Loop Loft: 685 N. Milwaukee Ave.

This is hands down my favorite store...on the planet. The showroom, the merchandise, the social media-it's all the top of their game. Of every game really. Treat yourself and plan a visit, and follow them on Instagram: @southlooploft

#2 Vern & Vera: 5856 North Broadway

Walking by at night and peeking in the windows is my favorite thing (on my way to Mas Alla for Skinny Margaritas-they're hand squeezed!). They have a meticulously curated selection of vintage home decor and every piece is a work of art. Instagram: @vernandvera

#3 Redefined Decor: 1819 West Grand Ave.

This is a space chock full of incredible pieces but merchandised to soothe the eye. So many fantasy buys, each trip is sure to be a delight. Plus there is so much to look at in the neighborhood you can easily spend an afternoon getting your happy on. I have found many special pieces for clients here. Instagram: @redefineddecor

#4 Brownstone Antiques: 5234 N. Clark St.

Clutter and close quarters are the name of the game here but that means you can still find great pieces at great prices. Spend the day in Andersonville and stock up on goodies from Brownstone & their neighbors. Instagram: @brownstone_antiques

#5 Jayson Home and Garden: 1885 North Clybourn Ave.

Though not exclusively vintage, this renowned Home Decor shop brings in the best of the best in vintage to offset their more current selection of products. Through the years so much of my home has been livened up with finds from Jayson Home. If you haven't been, put it on your list. Stores of this caliber are why we live in a city like this right? We have access to the tippy top and we should take advantage. Instagram: @jaysonhome